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Pixels to Inches Inches to Pixels

Conversion Formula: pixels = inches x PPI

How to convert inches to pixels?

To convert inches to pixels, you need to know the resolution of the display you’re using. The resolution is measured in pixels per inch (PPI), and it determines how many pixels are used to display an inch of length on the screen.

Here’s the formula to convert inches to pixels:
pixels = inches * PPI

For example, if you have a display with a resolution of 96 PPI, and you want to convert 2 inches to pixels:
pixels = 2 inches * 96 PPI = 192 pixels

Inches to Pixels Conversion Table

Inch Pixel
0.25inch 24px
0.5inch 48px
1inch 96px
2inches 192px
4inches 384px
5inches 480px
5.5inches 528px
5.8inches 556.8px
6inches 576px
7.25inches 696px
8inches 768px
8.27inches 793.92px
8.5inches 816px
10inches 960px
10.5inches 1008px
11inches 1056px
11.69inches 1122.24px
12inches 1152px
14inches 1344px
16.5inches 1584px
17inches 1632px
20inches 1920px
22inches 2112px
23.4inches 2246.34px
24inches 2304px
30inches 2880px
33.1inches 3177.6px
34inches 3264px
36inches 3456px
42inches 4032px