PX to PT Converter

PX to PT converter is a best perfect and accurate online Pixels to Points conversion tool.

PT to PX PX to PT

PX to PT Conversion Table

0.5px 0.375pt
1px 0.75pt
2px 1.5pt
4px 3pt
8px 6pt
10px 7.5pt
12px 9pt
14px 10.5pt
16px 12pt
18px 13.5pt
20px 15pt
24px 18pt
32px 24pt
64px 48pt
100px 75pt
200px 150pt
250px 187.5pt
300px 225pt
400px 300pt
600px 450pt
800px 600pt
900px 675pt
1024px 768pt
1200px 900pt
1600px 1200pt