Megapixel Calculator

Online megapixel calculator allows you to quickly calculate and convert megapixels.

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What is Megapixel Calculator?

The megapixel calculator is a tool that calculates the total number of pixels in an image or camera sensor. A megapixel (MP) is equal to one million pixels. By inputting the width and height of an image in pixels, the calculator will determine the total number of pixels in the image and output the result in megapixels.

This tool is useful for photographers, image editors, and anyone who needs to determine the resolution of an image. A high megapixel count typically means that an image will have more detail and clarity, making it ideal for printing or other high-resolution applications.

However, it’s important to note that other factors such as lens quality, sensor size, and image processing algorithms can also affect the overall quality of an image.

How to calculate megapixels?

Megapixels can be calculated by multiplying the number of pixels on the horizontal axis (width) by the number of pixels on the vertical axis (height) of an image. The result is then divided by 1 million to give the megapixel count.

For example, if an image has a resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels, the total number of pixels is 6000 * 4000 = 24 million pixels. Dividing 24 million by 1 million gives 24 megapixels.